Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Death Comes to Pemberly

So, yesterday I started reading this. It's pretty standard fan fiction (of Pride and Prejudice!) picking up after the weddings. P.D. James actually does a decent job with this sequel, but I'm just super critical of people mucking around with some of my favorite characters.

1. Full and detailed plot summary of P&P at the beginning of the book. Really, if you're going to read this then you are probably somewhat familiar with the origin story. And you know what, if you're not familiar, then the book should stand on its own anyway. 
2. The occasional borrowed line (from P&P) seems at times to be forced and jarring. Maybe I just know P&P way too well. 

Amazing moment so far: 
Last night I was on page 173 and there is an allusion to Persuasion. Yay! I enjoyed it a lot, while at the same time finding it a bit heavy handed. Again with the plot summary. But overall it was nicely done and made me very happy. 

Now, off to find out who did it!

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