Saturday, September 24, 2016


By Madeleine Roux
310 pages

So I've looked at this book for a while now, but I've always felt like it would be just a weird rip off of the Miss Peregrine books.
It's not really.
I mean, part of the premise is the same in that it is a narrative arranged around weird images.
The pictures for this book- all presented in black and white - are a mix of vintage and staged images.
The protagonist, Daniel Crawford, is staying at a summer camp and the dorms are located in a former asylum. He and his friends find some old records and photographs; quickly thereafter a body is found and their summer program becomes dangerous.
It was a better book than I thought it would be - and creepier too!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Jane and the Damned

By Janet Mullany

Jane Austen, vampire. I didn't get into it at first, but then I was caught up in the charm and exuberance of the story. It didn't feel like Austen to me - the character didn't - but I did enjoy the subtle allusions that were laid throughout the book. I disliked the ending.