Saturday, July 14, 2012

...and I think it's what I want to be.

Finished the trilogy just now. What a satisfying ending! It manages to tie in the larger metaphor without becoming heavy handed. SPOILER: By the way, we're all frogs.

Interestingly, I came to a line at the end of the second to last page that I thought would be the perfect ending. Therefore, I was a bit worried when it kept going. But that ending would not have been as amazing as the real ending (which is opposite of my typical experience.) The expected ending is in the picture - I won't spoil the real ending...

Now that I have finished it I plan to let my daughter read it tomorrow. She recently read Wee Free Men -also Pratchett - and enjoyed it immensely. Maybe when she's done I'll let her blog her comments too.

Now, what to read next?

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