Saturday, November 2, 2013


Finished Awoken, liked it better than Twilight. Of course, in the normal scheme of things, that's not saying much. However, as this book is a send-up of Twilight (and the whole current teen romance genre) it is pretty amusing that I like this more.
1: Elder God, not whiny vampire.
2: Gods can carry off arrogance better than teenage vampires.
3: he is an ass, but... he is Cthulhu.
4: he doesn't socially isolate her
5: he doesn't injure her
6: more believable motivations
7: no pesky plot holes

Um. That's all the reasons I have to prefer the one over the other. Neither one is a very likable character. It's a bit... fast? as a love story. Kind of the R&J situation. I don't believe that real and deep love happens that quickly.

But, an entertaining read!

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