Saturday, November 9, 2013

A typical woe-is-me teacher post

I am a teacher. I love being a teacher. I went into teaching knowing that it would never make me rich.

But here's what I didn't realize about living on a teacher's salary:
I qualify for income controlled housing.
Even living in cheap housing, it's still a struggle to make ends meet every month.
I would shop at Aldi not because they have fun stuff, but because I can't pay what Walmart charges for milk.
I would feel like I'm drowning in credit card debt.
I would worry about affording birthday presents for my child.
I would feel guilty about taking dance classes to try and get into shape because dance class isn't super cheap.
I would tell my children they can't have a cat/dog not only because we live in a small space, but because I can't pay pet deposits/rent/vet bills.
We would eat a lot of pasta and eggs in my house because of how cheap those are.
Going to the movies (matinee) twice a year is extravagant.
So is a concert.

A teacher's salary is barely enough to live on.

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