Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pearl Harbor and Morimoto

Online ticketing was sold out through September. So, waking up this morning, our first order of business was to get out to the site and try and get tickets. We thought it would already be booked up, but we got two tickets for the 12:45 tour.
Since we had gotten there at 9 we had plenty of time to walk around and see other things. We didn't stand in line to get tickets for the submarine or battleship, and we didn't want to pay admission to the larger museum. We walked through the bookstore plotting our future purchases. We looked through the periscopes and went in the conning tower. We went through the gift shop and found a signed copy of an interesting book from the bookstore. We walked around the monuments and read all of the signed outside. The views were nice. We went through the free museum and looked at the ship's bell.
Then we were finished, and it was only 11. We hadn't had much in the way of breakfast, so we headed back over to the submarine side of the park and got some hot dogs and water. It was pleasant to sit at the tables and just rest. We probably sat there for over an hour enjoying the shade and breezes, and watching the birds.
Before going out to the Arizona Memorial we sat for a short film. The film was really interesting because of how much old footage was used. Everything they showed when they were talking about that time period was either film or photography from the era. The only modern footage was when  they were talking about the opening of the memorial and the ceremony they perform on December 7th.    They opened it in 1984 so the footage was full of 80's fashions.
After the memorial we bought our souvenirs and scampered off to the stadium for the flea market. (A hot and strenuous hike, but it only actually took us about 10 minutes.) We got some shaved ice - strawberry lime - and looked at the stalls. We bought some bread, gifts, and things for ourselves.
Then we went home and chatted until our dinner reservation. At 6:45 we went to Morimoto Waikiki. Amazing. Delicious. Scrumptious. Fantastic. I had a Wild Blueberry Manhattan to drink. For appetizers we had sushi. I tried some that had sweet gourd inside, that was really nice. I had some that were avacado and cucumber (my favorite) and they were incredible. For my main course I had Angy Chicken. It had masala spices, fried noodles, and peppers. Somehow, they had removed all of the bones except the large ones at the ends. I even ate the dark meat. For dessert, the molten chocolate almond cake. It had red wine ice cream and raspberries. The ice cream perched on dehydrated chocolate mousse. The cake was gooey and perfect, oddly light. It was the best meal I have ever eaten.

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