Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why is the warfare book making me want fruit?

So yeah, peaches. Yum. I love a fresh orchard peach. I didn't expect to have A Clash of Kings make me think this much about peaches though...
I find it weird that peaches have been stuck in my mind ever since the parley between Stannis and Renly. But I hear that they didn't include the peach in the show. 

On the surface, the peach seemed so innocuous. So forgettable. Except to these folks:

(He said yes.)

But I actually find it really interesting. The peach is a symbol of longevity. Irony, eh? It has also been used as a metaphor for utopia. Does that mean if Renly had become King everyone would have been happy? Plus, peach wood has been said to be able to ward off evil, but have connections to magic. And poor Renly died from evil magic!
*shakes head*

Links to back up my assertions:

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